Cinema Yellow is a Film Production Services Company

We Serve Foreign Producers, Brands, and Agencies Seeking Production, Videography, and Fixer Services in Colombia

Why Film With Cinema Yellow?

You: Our Clients

You are a foreign producer, agency, brand, or production company. You seek Colombia’s most experienced local crew to help you produce a film, video series, or photographic project. You want a partner who can work in your native language. You may also be looking to offshore visual content development to a world-class production studio.

Ken Ngwa,
Executive Producer

Us: Cinema Yellow

We are an English-speaking production company and creative studio based in Cartagena, Colombia. Our producers, directors, fixers, audio engineers, and videographers create internationally award-winning films, videos, photographic and animated content for clients from around the world. And, our local crew speaks nine languages.

Our Film Production Services

Our Local Colombian Film Production Crew

Cinema Yellow was founded in 2022 by American filmmaker Ken Ngwa. Our local crew speaks nine languages and brings decades of experience across media, including award-winning work in advertising, film, photography, and the arts.

Our team members have produced award-winning feature-length sports, adventure, and natural history documentaries, YouTube and TV series, brand commercials, corporate videos, product marketing campaigns, and animated content.

Clients Who Have Worked With Us in Colombia

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